Q: How do Greenbaum Interiors prices compare with competitors in the marketplace?

A: Our policy states, "We will meet any legitimate Retailer, On Line Seller or full service design firm price on any item". We may ask who quoted the price and request verification in writing, but we will not be undersold. We do not charge for product warranties and automatically provide 1-year service on all purchases. Since 1952 we have been making our clients happy with the prices and services they have received.

Q: On average how long does an order take to complete?

A: We source merchandise from more than 2000 suppliers worldwide in addition to making our own furniture onsite, so time frames vary. Furniture is hand made and takes longer to make than most products manufactured in the world today. The furniture industry standard is approximately 8-12 weeks for case goods and the same from the receipt of the fabric for upholstery orders. Orders from overseas can run 14-16 weeks. Due to COVID, we are experiencing longer lead times.

Q: Even though Greenbaum Interiors offer a tremendous amount of furnishings in the store, what if I don't see what I want?

A: We can get it or we can make it! There is an endless supply of choices in home furnishings. With over 2000 resources worldwide we can literally search the globe for you. Our long-term relationships with the New York Design Centers, international antique, carpet and art dealers allow us great access to merchandise. If we cannot find it, we will make it for you in our own workrooms.

Q: What if I see something I like but it's too big for my room?

A: On occasion items are available in different sizes. If it is not available, we will make the piece for you -in the size, finish and specifications you need.

Q: I have heard Greenbaum Interiors only works on big budget design jobs, is this true?

A: No order or project is too small. We gladly work within any budget and size project. We can start with one sofa, progress to multiple orders and eventually aid you in designing a pleasing environment within your entire home. At the outset, you should communicate your needs, ideas and budget to our designers so they can tailor their approach to your project effectively, at your pace and within your comfort level. We have recently introduced G2 Home for value driven styling and quality. It is very rare that we cannot find or make something at the value you are seeking.

Q: Why should I use a professional interior designer?

A: The answer is in proven results. "Most people are under the impression that if you use a professional it will cost you more. In reality, a professional will save you both time and money while protecting you from costly mistakes. A professional designer knows the correct pieces for your space, what size or shape will best balance the room, what color or finish will make the area most attractive, and where you can get the best value for your money. A good designer will help you analyze your design needs, plan a realistic budget and establish the time frame for you to achieve your goals." Working with an interior designer from Greenbaum Interiors has the added benefit of an 50+ person team of skilled craftspeople and support staff who have a 68-year history of proven results.

Q: Do you charge for your Interior Design Services?

A: In most cases the design services are included in the price of the merchandise. In situations where our designers spend significant time with Builders, Contractors or other Professionals, we will charge a fee for consultation time. We have a standard design contract. In some cases, we ask for a design fee or design retainer that can be applied against your future purchases. Our design fees depend on scope and reach of the project. All is discussed and agreed upon before the project begins. No one wants surprises!

Q: On average, how long does the interior design process take?

A: The answer to this question depends on many different factors. People who make decisions quickly can complete a room with a minimum number of meetings. A complete house, with construction issues, can take up to a year or longer. It is important that you discuss your timetable and goals with your Interior Designer at the beginning of the project.

Q: How do I find the designer that's right for me?

A: Between our two locations we employ over 16 designers. There is always a designer available to assist you when you visit either our Morristown or Saddle Brook location. We suggest that you call ahead and schedule with a designer or ask one of the Greenbaum's for assistance in selecting the right designer for your project and design needs.

Q: What if I already retained my own Interior Designer?

A: If you are working with your own designer you can still greatly benefit from our large selection of truly unique, exceptional merchandise and custom capabilities. We have a To-The-Trade Division that can assist you and your designer in many ways. Our trade prices are very competitive.

Q: If I am working with one of your designers and things are not moving along as we had hoped, what are my options?

A: We built our reputation by being responsive to the needs of our customers and are committed to ensuring their satisfaction. If it becomes necessary, we will introduce you to another one of our talented designers whose personality and style may be better suited for your project. Our staff is not on commission so it is in everyone's best interest to find the right relationship that will ensure our clients' happiness.

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